North Korea’s Basketball Point Rules Makes Their Game More Insane

a basketball game and North Korean flag

Basketball is obviously one of the most popular sport in the entire planet. Almost everyone knows its basic rules. But North Korea has decided they want theirs to be a bit more intense by changing their point system.

The late Kim Jong Il has decided that he would rewrite basketball’s scoring setup. So it’s not just the plain old 2 pointer or 3 pointer scheme. That’s just too boring for him. After all, who’s going to contradict him in his hermit kingdom where everyone is obligated to applaud his ideas. But before we judge his alterations to this beloved sport, maybe it’s worth knowing what these new rules are:

A slam dunk is 3 points

Because why just give the player 2 points for his effort of an awesome slam dunk? It’s definitely worth more than that, right?

3 point shots will be counted as 4 points if it’s a perfect net shot

Everybody loves a perfect net shot. It’s as if the player’s throw was well calculated before it was made. So give him an extra point for that.

1 point deduction for every missed free throw

You’ve been given a chance to shoot the ball without any obstacles. That’s privilege according to Kim, and people who don’t use their privilege properly deserves a minus 1 in this game.

Any successful field goal shot in the last 3 seconds is worth 8 points

This makes the climax of the game more exciting. Imagine the losing team is down 7 points and they’ve only got 3 seconds left. In an ordinary basketball game, that team would have just given up and accepted defeat. It’s just physically impossible to win that game. But North Korean basketball offers hope with an 8 point score made in the last 3 seconds of the game.