I Watched Wonder Woman 1984 Online And Here’s How I Feel About It

Wonder Woman 2
Steve and Diana flies in an invisible jet through fireworks over the city

Our situation these days has forced us to stay at home and watch movies online. I love going to the theater but now have to settle for HBO Max. Not bad though, but I sure miss watching high action movies on the big screen.

I’ve fallen in love with Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman ever since I saw the first movie came out. So I when I  heard that there was a Wonder Woman 2 movie coming out, I knew I had to watch it too.

Finally, Wonder Woman 1984 was released this recent December of 2020 in HBO Max and I watched it during the holidays. Although the action and fight scenes were great, some things didn’t make sense about it and almost felt bland for me.

Flashback to childhood again

Warner Bros. Pictures | Flashback again to Diana’s childhood

Having to watch Diana’s childhood again just to see her learn that cheating isn’t good seemed a huge waste of time. The scene is an amazing cinematic moment but somewhat unnecessarily too long.

I feel sorry for this guy

Steve Trevor lives again but is trapped in another man’s body

The movie’s plot centers in a discovery of a “wishing rock” of which when anybody holds on to it and wishes for something, it happens. Diana is seen wishing something unverbalized but the audience is lead to believe that she wished for Steve to come back to life. But the weird part is he comes back to life in another man’s body and that man is stuck in limbo. Diana and “Steve” goes out on dates, toured around the city and museums, tried different fashions, but they never really got worried for the man whose literal body got stolen. They even slept together!

That’s not how stealth works!

Wonder Woman 2
Steve and Diana flies in an invisible jet through fireworks over the city

In a scene where our heroes commandeered a military jet, World War I pilot Steve skillfully flies the modern jet while Diana uses here untested power of making something invisible by making their plane invisible. Not only to the naked eye, but invisible to radar too. It’s a pretty scene but people could tell that the writers didn’t really put more creative logic into this. It felt like they rushed into it just to push a scene to introduce Wonder Woman’s invisible plane into the movie.

We get it, 80’s men were dogs

Screenshot WW84 trailer| (Left) The nerdy Barbara Minerva. (Right) The sophisticated Diana Prince

Cat call here, cat call there, cat call everywhere! The undertones of showing how aggressive men were during the 80’s were obvious. In most scenes, I felt like I was watching 80’s movies where men made fun of nerdy girls and drooled over pretty women. At this point, I’m not sure if they’re portraying reality or just really pushing it.

Overall, the movie was good, but I’d give it a rating of 6.5/10. It’s not memorable but still packs a good punch of excitement. Hardcore DC fans might not like it, but it’s good enough for people who are in for a cool flick and those who has a huge crush on Gal Gadot like me.