7 Dubai Coffee Shops That You’ll Love To Chill At

If you’re a coffee lover in Dubai and looking for some place to just chill, you might wan’t to give these coffee shops a try. We’ve listed here seven of our recommended Dubai coffee shops that we know you’ll love just as we did.

% Arabica

% Arabica in Dubai Mall Fountain

% Arabica is gaining popularity not just in Dubai, but also in other branches in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. They offer “Specialty Coffees” which the concept originated from Japan. As a matter of fact, the interior design of  their coffee shops are inspired by Japanese minimalism. The coffee beans that they use are selected from the finest from around the world and the roast them at their stores. Other than high quality coffees, they also offer a selection of great food in their menu.

Their branches are available at:

  • The Dubai Mall
  • The Pointe
  • Mall Of The Emirates
  • Mirdrif City Centre
  • City Walk

Nightjar Coffee Roasters

Nightjar Coffee Roasters, Christmas season 2020

Perhaps one of the hippest coffee shops in Dubai that we’ve seen, Nightjar Coffee Roasters offers not just signature coffees and tasty hot meals, but a cool ambiance too. The place is popular among the younger types of crowd lured by the hints of urban vibes. They were even nominated for “Best Cafe” in 2021 at the TimeOut Dubai awards and also for “Most Popular Cafe” in What’sOn Dubai in 2019.

Nightjar Coffee Roasters is located at: Unit G62 Alserkal Avenue. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds staff displays awards

Stomping Grounds is an Australian themed cafe-restaurant situated at Jumeirah 1 area, near Dubai’s coast line and beaches. It’s one of those restaurants that has nothing much to say but just proves its worth with its beautifully presented delicious foods. Coffee is definitely of good quality served by a welcoming crew. They’ve won several awards including “Best Cafe” in both 2020 and 2021 in TimeOut Dubai’s restaurant awards.

You can visit Stomping Grounds at: Villa #98, 12D Street. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fiks Coffee

Fiks’ little outdoor patio

The ambiance of Fiks Coffee is more on the cozier side. It might be a bit difficult to find this shop which makes it perfect for those who just wants to spend some alone time with a few close friends. Or for those who are just looking for a hiding place to read their books. The place is small and many customers have sited that there’s a nice coffee scent brewing in the air.

You can find Fiks Coffee at: Alwasl road. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Retro7 Café

Retro 7 delicious donuts topped on your iced Lattes

Good latte and a few fun quirks. Retro7 Café excites its customers with cute ways of presenting them their orders. Try their some of their populars, the spanish latte or the cereal latte topped with your choice of sweet donuts. Not much into coffees? Try their refreshing hibiscus iced tea!

Retro 7’s locations in Dubai are in Dakakeen and Arabian Center.

The Coffee Lab

Posh interiors of Coffee Lab located in Port Rashid

Great coffee, great food, and great view of the harbor! What more can you ask for? The Coffee Lab is a must for coffee lovers and also for tourists just looking for a place to dine and relax. The interior decoration is also quite posh with high ceilings and chic furniture.

The Coffee Lab is at: B02, Marina Views – Port Rashid – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Café Rider

Café Rider – with motorcycles as part of the decoration

Café Rider is about coffee, community, and custom built motorcycles. Coffee and community is understandable, but throwing in a dish of motorcycle is an idea that’s truly outside of the box. But for some reason, it works! Café Rider is another coffee shop in Dubai that can absolutely give your coffee an exciting kick. This isn’t some poser shop that puts cool things on the wall. No, this is a real café that also offers custom building and repairs of motorcycles.

You can find Café Rider at: Warehouse 7 14 C St – Al QuozAl Quoz Industrial Area 3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.