Jobs For Foreigners in Finland. Which Recruitment Agencies Can Help With Relocation Or Remote Work?

As Finland continues to emerge as a hub for international talent, the role of recruitment agencies becomes increasingly pivotal in bridging the gap between skilled professionals and employment opportunities in the country. These agencies not only assist in connecting foreign workers with suitable positions but also offer comprehensive support, ranging from cultural integration to remote work solutions. Let’s explore some of the leading recruitment agencies in Finland and their offerings tailored to foreign workers:


Renowned for its cultural consulting and training services, Finnwards specializes in easing the transition for internationals working and living in Finland. Their solutions cater to diverse clientele, including businesses, organizations, and individuals. By providing guidance on intercultural interactions and supporting international talent, Finnwards serves as a vital resource for those navigating the Finnish job market or seeking career reinvention amidst international transitions.


Specializing in flexible staffing and recruitment services, Staffgate offers extensive support to both foreign workers and companies seeking skilled professionals. With a presence across various industries, including industrial, construction, and social care, Staffgate facilitates employment opportunities for foreign workers nationwide. Their commitment to helping individuals succeed in the Finnish working environment underscores their dedication to fostering a diverse and thriving workforce.


In a landscape where job vacancies often outnumber available candidates, Barona stands out for its commitment to matching professionals with rewarding opportunities across various sectors. What sets Barona apart is its recognition that fluency in Finnish is not always a prerequisite for employment in Finland. With English becoming increasingly prevalent in Finnish workplaces, Barona facilitates placements for foreign workers, ensuring a smooth transition into the Finnish workforce.

Staff Point EU

As part of the StaffPoint Group, Staff Point EU provides comprehensive HR services, including recruitment and strategic HR solutions. Through their International Services division, Staff Point EU focuses on supporting foreign workers in navigating the Finnish labor market. By addressing recruitment challenges and facilitating integration, they play a crucial role in maximizing the utilization of skilled workers in Finland while fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Manpower Group

Addressing the evolving workforce dynamics, Manpower Group offers a spectrum of services encompassing staffing, talent management, and skill development. By championing diversity and inclusion, Manpower Group not only assists organizations in overcoming workforce challenges but also fosters an environment conducive to the success of foreign workers. Their holistic approach to talent management ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds thrive in the Finnish labor market.

Recruitment agencies in Finland play a vital role in facilitating employment opportunities for foreign workers while supporting their integration into Finnish society. Whether it’s navigating cultural nuances or accessing remote work options, these agencies serve as invaluable allies in the journey towards professional success in Finland. As the demand for international talent continues to rise, the services provided by these agencies become increasingly indispensable, paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic workforce in Finland.