Why We Can’t Hate Belle Delphine For Selling Her Bath Water

Why We Can't Hate Belle Delphine For Selling Her Bath Water

Belle Delphine has caused quite a spark on social media for the past few days. The internet personality, who’s quite known for “weird-cute” raunchy photos and videos while on cosplay, has sold her bath water at her merch shop. That’s right, bath water!

The item known as “GamerGirl Bath Water” sells for $30 and is currently out of stock. Completely sold out!

Belle Delphine's GamerGirl Bath Water
A $30 jar of Belle Delphine’s bath water.

Eventually, some people were not happy about this. Fans who purchased the item are being mocked online for being “mindless” and “perverts” while Belle is being accused of taking advantage of her fans.

I’m personally not a fan of any cosplayer, not even Bell Delphine for that matter. And I would never recommend anyone to buy her bath water. That’s just ridiculous!

So should we hate her for doing this? Not at all!

I think it’s pretty obvious for quite some time now that Belle Delphine’s target audiences are the people who are into this weird-kinky stuff. Just looking at her social media accounts, you can definitely foretell that something like this is soon to happen. I predict she’ll probably even sell her toe nail clippings for thousands of dollars in the future. If people are buying her bath water or subscribing to her premium channels, then it’s a no-brainer that people would definitely buy anything she’d sell right now. And the nastier, the better.

What I’m trying to say is: this isn’t Belle Delphine’s fault. First of all, it was her own fans who gave her this idea. In another interview when asked why she sold this, Belle mentioned that she was playing along a running gag of her fans telling her that they would drink her bath water. And so she sold it them.

Don’t hate on Belle just because she executed an idea that her hard core fans would love, all the while making a living from it. Also, the fans who bought it wanted it. No body was forced into buying her merch. Yes, I say “merch” because it is a merch of a weird brand that only some of us can appreciate.  People are probably tired of the same kinds of merch like sweaters, shirts, and hats. Fans want something personal from their heroes.

There’s a disclaimer printed out on the product’s page that states “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath ^-^  This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”. It’s clearly mentioned that it’s not meant for drinking and it’s for sentimental purposes only. Meaning it’s a sort of a collector’s item and a brilliant one!

People have actually been doing this for thousands of years! It’s nothing new. Catholics want to keep the relics of their saints; Basketball fans want to keep the sweaty jerseys of their favorite players; Some Beatles fans were preserving the band member’s hairs. The more personal, the more valuable.

The good thing about “value” is that it’s based on the sentiments of the people. Belle’s bath water is disgusting to most of us, but for some it can be a source of cheerfulness. And if it can make someone happy, then that has value.

What we can ponder here is that most people use their money to pay for goods and services, but there is definitely a market for sentimental objects.

The way I see it, it might actually be smart to buy her bath water. The people who bought it might be able to sell it at a higher resell price. Just like the Jordan sneakers.