Peppermint (2018) – Movie Review

Peppermint 2018 Movie review

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Jennifer Garner flick so I didn’t really know what to expect out of her in “Peppermint”. I must say that I wasn’t a big fan of her ever since she’s been on the big screen. But something gave me the feeling that this movie might be a big hit… “might be”. So I watched it and it wasn’t bad at all.

The feel of it

The fight scenes were good, but watching it made me feel I was seeing a female version of John Wick. Just an all-out-war-kill-em-all type of revenge movie. The plot twists of double-crossing were nothing too shocking, but still quite entertaining.

Jennifer Garner is absolutely gorgeous for a soccer mom. But I feel like she wasn’t “bad-ass” enough on the transition of her character. She’s suppose to be this hateful and vicious person in her new image but I still feel like she’d be collecting grocery coupons on her spare time.

At the end, Peppermint is not something people would excitingly talk about and refer to others after watching it. It’s good, but it just lacks the gut-punch.

Short plot

Peppermint is about a soccer mom, Riley North,¬†whose husband and daughter were killed by the drug cartel. They were gunned down right in front of her on her daughter’s birthday. The men responsible for her family’s death were apprehended but were later set free by the judge due to lack of evidence. She then later sees that the people who were suppose to help her attain justice were also corrupt and under the payroll of the cartel. When she realized that authorities planned to take her to a mental hospital, she escapes frantically and never to be seen again.

Five years later, a series of murders and crimes starts happening to the men involved in her family’s case. Police and FBI investigators believed that this is the doing of Riley herself who is now out for revenge. They couldn’t believe it at first but an array of collected surveillance videos and videos from social media shows that she has become violent within the past five years, indicating that she has exiled herself from the eyes of the authority and trained herself for plotting a revenge against the people behind her family’s death.

At the end she was victorious in killing the head of the cartel and in the process of it was able to expose other corrupt men within the institutions of authority. She was later arrested and also hospitalized for the injuries she sustained in pursuing to take justice by her own hand. But Detective Beltran, the police man handling her case, was sympathetic of her and allowed her to escape so she can live a free life.

Peppermint (2018) trailer

Well the trailer pretty much gave the story away. So if you’ve seen the triler before the movie itself, you already know what’s about to happen.