The Predator (2018) – Movie Review

The Predator 2018 movie

I recently found myself getting into sci-fi movies like Alien: Covenant. That’s why I wanted to explore more about the Alien and Predator movie universe.

Though it wasn’t as deep and thought provoking as Alien: Covenant, The Predator was pleasantly entertaining for me. The ending of the story was quite exciting and I wish there would be a sequel to it.

The movie scores low in Rotten Tomatoes, perhaps that’s because the movie’s plot is very familiar. I haven’t seen all Predator movies but I get an instinctive feeling that they’re all the same. A group of combat experienced men escorting a scientist, and later finds themselves in deep trouble and fighting for their survival.

But nevertheless, The Predator’s action packed scenes were terrific. They’ve also added witty characters in the line-up of “combat experienced men”, which I think adds some more flavor to the movie. I guess The Predator franchise can’t just be all action and killing anymore.

Some cast performance

Leading man Boyd Holbrook was a real stud in his character. Not too alpha, but just the right kind of manly man. It didn’t feel like something was missing in his character in executing a sort of “leadership” role in his mischievous ex-military gang.

Olivia Munn, who played as a Biologist called upon by the government to study extra-terrestrial life forms, was a real kick ass in this film. The movie showed her ability to adopt in high phasing scenes.

Keegan Michael Key was cool! I’ve always been a big fan of Key’s comedic genius and I’m so happy he was in this. Honestly, he’s one of the reasons why I watched this. As expected, he did spewed some jokes in his characters lines, but nothing too over the top that can ruin the feel of the movie.

Sterling K. Brown plays a suave government agent, the kind of “no b.s.” attitude that get’s the job done. I never found his portrayal of his character boring.  As a matter of fact he did well in transforming his character from someone respectable to downright villainous.


The Predator is about an alien hastily landing on earth with an important cargo as if it was running away from something. We later find out that the aliens were actually attempting to evolve their race by using the best genetics they could find all through out the galaxy by emerging them into their own. The alien that landed on earth actually wanted to deliver us weapons (the cargo) so we can fend for ourselves when the time comes where the other aliens would invade and try to “harvest” our best genes for their evolution.

Final thoughts

I didn’t hate the movie, but it’s still not great enough for me to talk about it with my friends or even mention it to them that I’ve recently seen it. It’s just the type of movie that you could watch alone if you’ve got nothing to do and could spark some interest in you.

I do like how it ended though, and I’ll be in a look out for a sequel. I guess there has to be. If they’re planning to have another Predator movie, then they have to include the ending plot of this movie to the next one. I mean, acquiring alien weapon technology is a huge thing to not include in future of the franchise.